Our Organization

American Patriots at Shadow Mountain Lake is a non profit organization founded and operated by Veterans.

Our Vision

We have a vision to create a nationally recognized, premiere center for healing on behalf of our warriors, create hundreds of veteran jobs and inject new revenue into our community.

The Start

Our ambitious goal starts with the purchase of over 4,000 acres of land in El Paso, TX, restoring the land into a retreat for our veterans and a thriving hub for El Paso/Horizon quality of life.


American Patriots at Shadow Mountain Lake was founded to provide a fun therapeutic outdoor environment for Veterans, family members, and the community.

Our Mission

Its mission is to create a nationally recognized venue for the treatment, education and healthy development of all wounded, injured and ill Veterans of the U.S. Armed Forces.


Improve the overall mental health of 3,600 veterans in El Paso, Texas by 2030, through various bonding experiences and mentorship programs.

Increase the number of programs from 3 per year to 12 by April 1, 2017.

Decrease mental instability in 50% of veterans served, by providing adequate support, a therapeutic environment and strengthening their personal relationships.

Partner with 2 local veterans’ mental health organizations, who have the clinical knowledge and skills to provide support during therapy sessions, by Aprii1, 2017.

Process Objectives

Assist mentally-ill veterans during their transition from active duty to civilian life, by providing a 12-month Peer Mentorship Program.

Administer monthly mental—check meetings and annotate mental health improvements with Project Evolution participants for up to 1 year.

Survey all Project Evolution Program participants with a mental health questionnaire.

Conduct weekly safety briefings for veterans and their families in all areas of mental health—PTSD, depression, anxiety, TBl—especially focusing on veterans struggling with substance abuse and suicidal inclination.

Observe and annotate changes in behavior with the veteran’s help through journal entries to build self—awareness.

“You have served on so many different fronts, cold and hot, dry and wet, high and low. Yet, our Country never once saw you lay down your arm, nor rest your eyes on watch, nor give in to forces unseen…So why would we, your brothers and sisters, not do everything in our power upon our arrival home to see you welcomed home as one of equal dedication?”
– American Patriots

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