What We Do

There are a million reasons why veterans choose to serve, there is not one reason why we would choose not to serve them. Here are some of the ways we choose to help.

Thanksgiving Event

Thanksgiving Dinner is a yearly event for us. During the Thanksgiving season, we provide smoked turkey legs and feed personnel and spouses at the Warrior Transition Battalion Fort Bliss, Texas. This was a yearly event for our Wounded Warriors for Thanksgiving as many could not go home. Bands were provided, items were given away to them.

We would coordinate with sponsors to make this happen (stages, gate passes, prizes) to help with cost we raffled items such as a gun smoker, a guitar signed by Abe Mac, tequila bottle and glass set) LnF distributing donated golf bags, and a whole bunch of items. This event grow every year and the last year we smoked 1200 turkey legs, had four smokers.

American Patriots Event Hector Hernandez, Vice President of American Patriots at Shadow Mountain Lake

Golf Tournament

Toy Collect

The Blood Mobile

The Blood Mobile belongs to William Beaumont Army Medical Center (WBAMC) and the funds were paid by US Army Medical Command.

“I work for WBAMC as the Transportation Coordinator. Working the bus was not in my scope of duty and it was getting canceled due to no one concern to do the work, such as building a contract. The date closed as there was no interest, I walked to the contracting office Fort Bliss and told them that My Name is Hector Hernandez there is thousands of soldiers fighting in the war and a high percentage of plasma collected from the bloodmobile will be sent downrange. The Contracting Officer said Hector you have 4 days to build the contract need to start with the salient characteristics no one cares about it, need everything from tires, engine, transmission, color, everything even the color of the latrine, etc…. I was a person that believes in the Wounded Warriors built the contract salient characteristics, designed the bloodmobile and stayed on top of the manufacturing company to get it built. What you see is my designed and I put a lot of heart to get it done took us almost a whole year to get it built. Again this is something I wanted to do for our soldiers downrange. The bus was delivered 3 July 2019 to me and currently, it goes out to collect plasma.”

Hector Hernandez

The Helicopter

1965 Huey Helicopter, Worked at the Warrior Transition Battalion (WTB), back then to be at the WTB you have to gotten hurt downrange, (deployed overseas). We were getting wounded warriors for treatment but I felt no one cared, we would lay cement for wheelchairs to go from one side to the other, wounded warriors shot, wounded warrior committing suicide, I wanted to honor our wounded warriors, so after we had a soldier commit suicide oi went to the desert found a huey all shot up with bullet holes and a lot of missing parts, had a private organization bring to Fort Bliss. It sat at Fort Bliss for a month, decided to remove it again to a body shop in Alameda St. Had veterans and people that cared refurbish it to almost flying condition. Brought it back to Fort Bliss and now it sits at the WTB. Did more landscape. Layed out cement, put benches and now it is a memorial to honor our past and present Wounded Warriors. This was at no cost to the government. 3 years later we notified the Government where the Huey was located. This was before we started American Patriots, but taking care of Wounded Warriors, Veterans and Active Military has been in my blood for 42 years.

American Patriots Helicopter

Flag Program

Helping veterans and their families